Giuliani Award Finalist: Promus Energy

April 4, 2022

In recognition of meaningful advances in Washington-based clean energy innovation and in the spirit of our founder, the 1st annual David & Patricia Giuliani Clean Energy Entrepreneur Award will be presented on Thursday April 14th at the Future of Carbon Policy Forum.

We had a long list of nominees, from which three impressive finalists were selected:

All American Marine




Promus Energy 

We’re profiling each finalist: All American Marine last Monday, Kenworth last Wednesday, and Promus Energy today.

Promus Energy LLC

Can we charge electric vehicles with carbon negative electricity? That’s the promise of Promus Energy.

Dairies can be the source of substantial greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. By anaerobically digesting manure, Promus Energy’s dairy digester system removes carbon in the form of biogas that would otherwise be emitted from dairy lagoons into the atmosphere as powerful GHGs. This process produces what Promus describes as “cows to cars” carbon-negative power for electric vehicles. 

But wait… there’s more! 

Dairies share in the value through the sale of carbon credits and commodity fuel – renewable natural gas (RNG) or renewable electricity – and help the rural agricultural community share in the immediate benefits of carbon reduction policies and programs. And digested manure is almost entirely free of pathogens and odor, and is more amenable to nutrient recovery and responsible nutrient management. In the near future, it’s likely that low-carbon dairies will be rewarded for their environmental stewardship with premium pricing and market access for low carbon-intensity milk, cheese, and other products.

Promus Energy’s mission is to produce ultra-low carbon-intensity energy from waste products/pollutants and improve the economic and environmental sustainability of agricultural operations. 

Consider that there are more than 250,000 milking cows in Washington. If 1,000 milking cows equal approximately a 6,000 MTCO2e reduction, then the potential GHG reduction in WA alone = 1.5MMTCO2e/year. And that’s before accounting for the displacement of carbon-emitting fossil fuels. 

Noting that demand for EVs, and the power they consume, will be surging for many years, Promus, with its Koe Energy joint venture, is ramping up production of ultra-low carbon-intensity power from dairy digester projects for EV charging stations. They believe this to be the most cost-effective way to decarbonize the transportation sector.  

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Thanks to the entrepreneurial innovation of All American Marine, Kenworth, Promus Energy and all our nominees, the future of our economy and our climate is brighter.

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