2 mins 2 protect the 🌎

April 9, 2021

In just a few weeks, we will be celebrating Earth Day.Β  What better way to do that than to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

Start by joining our Action Alert team now to support the Climate Commitment Act, SB 5126.

SB 5126 will put a hard cap on carbon emissions in Washington and then ratchet down that cap until we meet our state’s ambitious carbon reduction goals.Β  It will put a price on carbon and invest revenues into green transportation projects and climate reductions like forest preservation, energy efficiency and electric buses and ferries.

The bill passed the Senate and will soon have a hearing in the House.Β  We will then alert you the moment it gets scheduled and let you know how you can make sure your voice is heard.Β 

Please take one minute to join our Action Alert team now and send the planet a happy Earth Day message.Β  We’ll ask you for the second minute in the days to come.

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