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February 24, 2022

Move Ahead WA, the proposed transportation package, is moving ahead in Olympia, navigating negotiations and public hearings to secure passage before the end of regular session on March 10th. 

Because Move Ahead WA is a 16-year plan for investments in transportation – the sector most responsible for our state’s GHG emissions – and because a significant portion of the funds to be invested come from the Climate Commitment Act, we urge lawmakers to let data drive the direction of transportation investments. 

On Monday, Clean & Prosperous Washington’s Executive Director Michael Mann and Isaac Kastama, Government Affairs, kicked off two panels with representatives from Ford Motor Company, EVgo, Forth and EV Charging Solutions (EVCS). “Math matters as we are striving to meet our 2030 carbon reduction goals” said Mann. Here are two short videos:

House Transportation Committee Testimony, Feb 21


Senate Transportation Committee Testimony, Feb 21


Though the package already promises to make historic investments in cleaner transportation, we’d hate to look in the rear-view mirror years down the road, and think we could’ve done better. We have data from our recently-released report, Washington’s Decisive Decade: An Emerging Roadmap for Transportation Decarbonization and Cleaner Air, and we have a decade of real-world data from California to help us optimize the Move Ahead WA transportation package, squeezing maximum climate bang from every carbon buck.

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