Dogs love electric cars

March 29, 2023

They say readership goes up if you feature dogs. We, of course, would never stoop to such manipulative gimmicks to drive newsletter clicks.

We’re a data-driven, research-obsessed organization, after all. 

So… we want to share news about a research paper that reports:

“Dogs seem to be more relaxed in EVs”

This study, conducted by Lincoln University (as in Lincoln, England – not Lincoln the car company) and CarGurus shows the transition from internal combustion engine (ICE) cars to electric vehicles for dogs was a smooth one”. Further, “participants that have driven their dogs in both an ICE and EV vehicle said they settled better (39%), were calmer (43%), less anxious (42%) and whined less (45%) in an EV compared to an ICE”.

Significantly, the research says, “while the dogs in the study lay for around a third of the journey’s duration regardless of powertrain, in diesel cars dogs broke their laying position on average 50 per cent more than when in an electric car”. 

Make of that what you will, but we know how smart dogs can be, and we agree that EVs are the best way to roll down the road – whether you’re behind the wheel or sticking your head out the window. 

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