Don’t miss our “Navigating the Inflation Reduction Act” webinar

October 12, 2022

Got FOMO*?

Don’t miss out on the economic growth that the coming energy transition (and the IRA) will bring about.

From the newsletter, The Weekly Planet (by The Atlantic):

Late last month, analysts at the investment bank Credit Suisse published a research note about America’s new climate law that went nearly unnoticed. The Inflation Reduction Act, the bank argued, is even more important than has been recognized so far: The IRA will “will have a profound effect across industries in the next decade and beyond” and could ultimately shape the direction of the American economy, the bank said. The report shows how even after the bonanza of climate-bill coverage earlier this year, we’re still only beginning to understand how the law works and what it might mean for the economy. 

The Credit Suisse report is truly remarkable. What stuck with me most was this declaration: For big corporations, the IRA “definitively changes the narrative from risk mitigation to opportunity capture.” In other words, companies should no longer worry that they might be unprepared for future climate regulation, such as a carbon tax. They should be scared of missing out on the economic growth that the energy transition (and the IRA) will bring about.

“Opportunity capture” is the theme of next Wednesday’s webinar, featuring Washington State Senator Christine Rolfes, Sam Ricketts from Evergreen Action, and Hilary Moffett, Vice President with Fortescue Future Industries (FFI). FFI is a global green energy company committed to producing zero-carbon green hydrogen from 100% renewable sources. The company is making major clean energy investments around the world, and has announced it will evaluate the feasibility of converting the former Centralia, WA coal mine into a green hydrogen production facility.

Moffett will talk about the specific tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act that incentivize hydrogen: what they are, why they’re significant, and how companies like FFI would like to use those credits to develop and deploy green hydrogen technology more rapidly across the US.

We look forward to hearing her business perspective on leveraging incentives from federal and state governments. And we look forward to having you join us for the presentation and Q & A, next Wednesday October 19, from 12-1 pm PT.

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