Everybody’s Talking

May 3, 2021

With passage of the historic cap & invest Climate Commitment Act, people are talking!

National Congress of American Indians president Fawn Sharp says,
“Today marks the passage of the most important law in the history of Washington, as it finally confronts the existential crisis of our generation and begins the process of truth and reconciliation with its Tribal Nations.”

Former Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewel says,
“To protect our valuable natural resources, our mountain snowpacks and our oceans, we need climate action now.  The Climate Commitment Act puts Washington squarely in a leadership role in combating climate change and protecting the natural places we all love.”

Climate Solutions’ Vlad Gutman-Britten says,
“We see the Climate Commitment Act as a necessary component of our carbon reduction strategy including by funding investments in air quality improvements in overburdened communities, transit access and mobility equity, electrification, natural resource investments and more.”

Washington Build-Back Black Alliance’s Paula Sardinas says,
“This bill has a lot of protections in it that will kick-in in the next two years and it will definitely not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but it creates an environmental justice task force where for the first time black Washingtonians will have a seat at the table and a voice in our public policy.”

Low Carbon Prosperity Institute founder David Giuliani says,
“The Climate Commitment Act deals deftly with the complex web connecting greenhouse gas emissions to economic vitality, public health, and social justice. It smartly uses a highly effective regulatory method, Cap & Invest, to reduce emissions certainly and economically.”
Read more from David HERE.

Earth Day pioneer Denis Hayes says,
“Finally, we have a bill that addresses climate change and reduces air pollution while enjoying support from much of the state’s business community, organized labor, environmental groups, tribes, social justice organizations, farmers, and religious leaders.”

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