Hear Senator Rolfes on “Navigating the Inflation Reduction Act” this Wednesday

October 17, 2022

Do you want to maximize opportunities offered by the Inflation Reduction Act? Join us this Wednesday at 12:00pm for our latest webinar, “Navigating the Inflation Reduction Act” featuring Washington State Senator Christine Rolfes, Fortescue Future Industries  Vice President Hilary Moffett, and Sam Ricketts from Evergreen Action.

When it comes to maximizing the Act’s opportunities, each of the 50 states will learn from each other – and will compete with each other. Not only for the grants, tax credits, incentives and rebates, but also for the 1.5 million new jobs and $600 billion in private-sector clean energy investment projected to be catalyzed by the Act. 

Senator Rolfes, as Chair of the Washington State Senate Ways & Means Committee, is especially well-positioned to speak about how this federal government funding works with funds from the state’s Climate Commitment Act, both in support of Washington state’s climate programs.

Carl Smith writes in an excellent Governing piece:

The IRA doesn’t relieve states from a responsibility to act, but it’s a “new ballgame” for them to be able to work in partnership with the federal government, says Maryland legislator Lorig Charkoudian. Charkoudian has begun to study the IRA provisions and already sees many ways it can accelerate progress toward her state’s goal. It will make it possible for more to come from wind lease opportunities off the Atlantic coast that will become available in 2023, including the availability of funding to improve transmission capacity. IRA provisions that support a domestic supply chain for renewable technology could add momentum to a redevelopment project that is transforming a former steel plant in Baltimore County into a logistics hub.

“Now it’s on the states to make sure we are setting up structures to maximize the flow of money into the state, maximize the benefits for our economies and for clean energy, and maximize the justice framework for how the money gets spent,” Charkoudian says.

Senator Rolfes sees many ways state policy can complement the Inflation Reduction Act , position Washington to compete with other states for federal funding, and accelerate progress toward our clean economy goals. She will share her thoughts – and answer your questions – on Wednesday October 19, from 12-1 pm PT.

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