I-2117 would take Washington backward

January 16, 2024

Today, Initiative 2117, which seeks to repeal the Climate Commitment Act (CCA), crossed a hurdle in its race to turn back the clock on climate policy. It qualified as an initiative to the Legislature and will most likely be on the ballot in November.

If this passes, it would leave our state more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and cause immediate disruption to transportation and clean energy projects across the state. 

If 2117 wins, Washington loses.

Specifically, we would lose:    

For a complete list of CCA-funded investments in Washington’s clean economy, explore this Searchable Budget Table from the Clean & Prosperous Institute.

The CCA caps greenhouse gas emissions and is our state’s “gold standard” policy to meet carbon emission targets and protect our air and water quality. It is based on a market approach to achieve the most cost-effective reductions and is supported by a broad coalition of Washington businesses, tribal nations and environmental organizations.

Repealing this law would take us back to square one.

The CCA is also our state’s engine for investments in clean energy and transportation infrastructure and is helping to create green jobs, reduce wildfires, improve air quality, and attract private-sector and federal investments. At the Clean & Prosperous Institute’s Future of Carbon Policy Forum earlier this month, we heard from businesses, tribes, and government officials about the flood of clean economy investments coming into our state thanks to the pump-priming effect of CCA revenues. We heard that just $40 million in CCA investments has already leveraged over $1.1 billion in Federal funding.

The CCA is a win-win, delivering economic growth and environmental sustainability. Our coalition that includes top job-creating Washington companies, is committed to defending the Climate Commitment Act.

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