Invitation to A Courageous Conversation about Environmental Justice

September 24, 2021

As reported in Grist, more than 230 medical journals came together this month to issue an unprecedented joint statement, in which they say that unchecked climate change could have catastrophic and irreversible consequences for global health. 

“No temperature rise is ‘safe,’” the authors warned, saying that a failure to act now would have cataclysmic, irreversible consequences for human health. “Despite the world’s necessary preoccupation with COVID-19, we cannot wait for the pandemic to pass to rapidly reduce emissions.”

“As health professionals, we must do all we can to aid the transition to a sustainable, fairer, resilient, and healthier world.”

Because the effects of climate change disproportionately impact “children, older populations, ethnic minorities, poorer communities, and those with underlying health problems”, we need to ensure that climate action — such as Washington’s Climate Commitment Act — urgently delivers health benefits to the communities that are at greatest risk of harm from climate change.

Please join Clean & Prosperous Washington as we have A Courageous Conversation about Environmental Justice on Wednesday, October 6, featuring some of Washington’s most respected voices, and led by national environmental justice leader Paula Sardinas of the Washington Build Back Black Alliance. You will hear from: 

  • 2013-17 US Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell
  • Washington State Senator Rebecca Saldaña
  • Washington State Senator T’wina Nobles
  • Washington Environmental Council’s Chief Executive Officer Alyssa Macy 
  • Nature Conservancy’s Director of Advocacy & Engagement David Mendoza

The heartbeat of this important session is looking at environmental policy through the lens of racial equity.  The discussion will focus on why environmental justice communities pushed for passage of the Climate Commitment Act (CCA), how the policy prioritizes overburdened communities, what the CCA’s Environmental Justice & Equity Advisory Panel will do, and when there will be important public comment opportunities. 

With the CCA’s planning and implementation already in motion, don’t miss this important discussion centering environmental policy on racial equity. Save your spot by registering HERE for A Courageous Conversation about Environmental Justice on Wednesday October 6 at 2 p.m. PT.

P.S. — If you missed Monday’s Climate Week NYC virtual event and Governor Jay Inslee’s remarks about the critical need for an “all in” strategy to address the climate challenge, HERE is a link to the recording. (For the governor’s comments, fast-forward to 1:24.) And here is a photo of the foil-wrapped sequoias that Inslee mentioned:

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