Mapping Washington’s Health Disparities

October 4, 2021

The Washington Environmental Health Disparities Map is an interactive mapping tool from the Washington State Department of Health that compares communities across our state for environmental health disparities.

The map shows pollution measures such as diesel emissions and ozone, as well as proximity to hazardous waste sites. In addition, it displays measures like poverty and cardiovascular disease.

The map also provides new and rigorous insights into where public investments can be prioritized to buffer environmental health impacts on Washington’s communities, so that everyone can benefit from clean air, clean water, and a healthy environment.

To learn more about how our state is addressing identified disparities in environmental health — as well as how investments in clean energy can benefit overburdened communities — please join Clean & Prosperous Washington as we have A Courageous Conversation about Environmental Justice on Wednesday, October 6 at 2 p.m. PT. The session will be led by national environmental justice leader Paula Sardinas of the Washington Build Back Black Alliance. You will hear from: 

  • 2013-17 US Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell
  • Washington State Senator Rebecca Saldaña
  • Washington State Senator T’wina Nobles
  • Washington Environmental Council’s Chief Executive Officer Alyssa Macy 
  • Nature Conservancy’s Director of Advocacy & Engagement David Mendoza

Panelists will answer questions that are submitted in advance of the webinar. Please submit your questions today to

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