No on 2117 is building No-mentum

April 17, 2024

The No on 2117 campaign launched today, and already has over 100 organizations signed on in support, and over $11 million in donations and pledges.

Because Clean & Prosperous Washington recognizes how well the Cap-and-Invest Climate Commitment Act is succeeding at capping carbon emissions and investing in Washington’s burgeoning clean economy, we are part of the campaign coalition and invite you to join us.

According to our executive director, Michael Mann,

“If 2117 passes, Washington loses. Washington loses funding for ferry construction, transit buses, preparing for wildfires, restoring salmon habitat – and a lot more. 2117 would leave our state more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and choke off transportation projects and clean energy innovation across our state. That’s why our broad, growing coalition includes top job-creating Washington companies, and why we are committed to defeating I-2117 in November.”

Businesses large and small, including Amazon, bp America, Microsoft, and REI, as well as Einride, Forum Mobility, First Mode, Myno Carbon, Rainshadow Solar, Seventh Generation, Sphere Solar, and many more have signed on in support of the No on 2117 campaign. 

Though these businesses differ in size and industry, they share a common understanding that I-2117 puts Washington state’s flourishing economy at risk. Carbon auction revenues are invested directly in projects and programs that build our clean economy infrastructure, and contribute to the unparalleled quality of life that attracts employees from around the world. These CCA-funded investments serve as a magnet for larger investments from federal programs and private industry. If I-2117 passes in November, these pump-priming, economy-boosting funds will disappear.

This video highlights just how much I-2117 would cost us and our communities — from small businesses, to farmers, transit users, Tribal Nations, firefighters and families. Please share!

Visit our No on 2117 endorsement page to add your support, joining business leaders across the state in protecting Washington’s economic momentum.

Clean & Prosperous Washington is a project of the Washington Business Alliance.
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