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Move Signals Importance of Business and SJ Partnerships

Seattle, WA – August 4, 2023 – With an ongoing commitment to lowering Washington state’s carbon emissions by working closely with business and social justice advocates, Clean & Prosperous Washington (CaPWA) announced the additions of Former Washington State Senator and Founder of Earth Finance Reuven Carlyle; Founder and CEO of FMS Global Strategies and WBBA Paula Sardinas; and bp senior manager of West Coast government affairs Tom Wolf to their board of directors.

CaPWA Board Chair and Executive VP/CFO at Kitsap Bank, Alan Crain, expressed his enthusiasm, noting, “Welcoming these new board members will expand CaPWA’s reach in working to lower greenhouse gas emissions and reach net zero by 2050.”

Crain went on to emphasize the successful partnership between Clean & Prosperous Washington and Carlyle, which helped ensure passage of the groundbreaking Cap-and-Invest legislation, the Climate Commitment Act. “Thanks to our collaboration, Washington became only the second state in the country to pass a Cap-and-Invest program, setting a carbon emission limit and fulfilling our emissions-reduction commitments.”


Reuven Carlyle

Former WA State Senator & Co-Founder, Earth Finance

Reuven Carlyle, founder of Earth Finance, a climate strategy and finance firm, is a “serial entrepreneur,” and served 14 years in the Washington State Legislature (2009-2023). Reuven is a primary architect of what are widely viewed as the most comprehensive state-level climate policies in the nation, crafted during his time as chair of the state Senate Environment, Energy & Technology Committee (2017-2023.) Read more about Reuven here.



Paula Sardinas

Founder and CEO, FMS Global Strategies and the WBBA
Paula F. Sardinas, NBPLA, is Founder and CEO of FMS Global Strategies, a #Black and #BIPOC government affairs advocacy firm as well as WBBA, Washington Build Black Alliance. She also plays a leadership role in The Purpose Driven Girl, a nonprofit focused on empowering #BIPOC women and girls. Her 30-year public policy career includes working with a number of Presidential administrations.  She’s been recognized for her work, being selected as a 2023 delegate to the United Nations 67th Commission on the Status of Women. Read more about Paula here.


Tom Wolf

Senior Government Relations Manager – U.S. West Coast, bp America
Tom is a seasoned professional with 37 years of experience translating complex issues and taking them to the court of public opinion. He specializes in energy policy and currently serves as bp’s Senior Government Relations Manager for the U.S. West Coast, focusing on issues and opportunities for the company in Washington, Oregon, and California.



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More About Clean & Prosperous Washington
Clean & Prosperous Washington (CaPWA) is a coalition of business leaders working along with labor, tribes, social justice advocates and environmental leaders working to enact effective and smart climate policies in Washington state. Together we are driving down greenhouse gas emissions while working to improve health and job outcomes, propel a stronger, more globally-competitive economy, and serve as a beacon of best-in-the-nation climate action for other states to emulate. CaPWA played a crucial role in passing the Cap-and-Invest Climate Commitment Act, and works to help implement it alongside other environmental laws including the Clean Fuel Standard and the HEAL Act – Healthy Environment for All.

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