SB 5126 is “a massive leap forward in climate policy”

April 15, 2021

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) — a recognized global expert in designing carbon reduction policy — has called the Climate Commitment Act (SB 5126) a transformative climate policy which addresses both greenhouse gases and local emission impacts:

“This explicit connection between global climate pollution and local pollution burden is a massive leap forward in climate policy, and is a new level of accountability for impact on communities for both emitters and regulators.”

We urge you to read — and share — this brief but informative summary of why EDF believes that the Climate Commitment Act (CCA) can be the gold standard for climate policy in Washington state and the rest of the country.

It would enable the state to slash greenhouse gas emissions at the pace and scale necessary to fight the climate crisis, help address the disproportionate and historic pollution burden in many low-income communities and communities of color, and provide a policy model for other states on how to achieve their emission reduction goals.”

Katelyn Roedner of EDF explains how the CCA will reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, benefit historically overburdened communities, and create green jobs. Read this excellent piece HERE. (This is the best summary we’ve seen anywhere. Well worth 4 minutes to read.)

Adopting the Climate Commitment Act could be a tipping point to catalyze action across the United States – both in slashing climate emissions but doing it in a way that addresses localized pollution as well. This could be the new gold standard for other states to follow.”

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