SB 5126 – Senate Ways and Means Committee Support Letter

On February 25, the Senate Environment, Energy and Technology Committee passed the cap & invest Climate Commitment Act (CCA) by a vote of 7 to 3. It is still the only carbon pricing bill that has passed a committee this session, which has accelerated momentum for this essential climate action. Today, the Climate Commitment Act will have its most important hearing yet in the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

In anticipation of this vote, business supporters sent a letter advocating passage of the Climate Commitment Act to the Ways and Means Committee, urging committee members to put Washington back on a leadership path to addressing global climate change. “Despite some notable progress in addressing climate change and ushering in a clean energy economy, carbon emissions in the state are still growing. To meet the state’s climate goals and those of the Paris Climate Accords, more needs to be done.” Signatories include Puget Sound Solar, McKinstry, MacDonald Miller, bp America, Vulcan Inc, and business associations like Northwest Energy Efficiency Council (NEEC) and American Institute of Architects (AIA)  Washington Council.  

MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions Vice President Perry England said, “We have lost a decade or more trying to get to a consensus on climate policy while carbon emissions have increased in Washington State. It is time to make reducing carbon emissions a priority while growing our economy.  A cap and invest program will make both happen.”

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