Tick Tock. 6 Days and Counting.

April 19, 2021

On Friday night, the House Environment and Energy Committee passed SB 5126, the Climate Commitment Act, getting the policy one step closer to final passage.  But, we have just six days left in the Legislative session to get this to the finish line.  Meanwhile, as Earth Day approaches, carbon emissions in Washington are still rising.

“Look at your kids, look at your family, think about when you’re gone, what kind of environment you leave to them. And did you do all that you could when you had a chance?  We have a chance to pass the once in a lifetime Climate Commitment Act.” Paula Sardinas, Washington Build Back Black Alliance

We are proud and excited to debut this video, featuring supporters of the Climate Commitment Act, SB5126.

Please take one minute to help pass the Climate Commitment Act by submitting your comments of support.  Simply click here, select “Pro,” and tell Committee members why acting on climate is critical before the clock runs out.

Tick Tock. 6 days and counting.

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