Twenty-twenty-win; Twenty-twenty-too?

December 3, 2021

Together with you, Clean & Prosperous Washington celebrates a productive year of climate action wins, and looks forward to a new year of accelerated climate progress. As we look back on 2021, how are you feeling about what we achieved together? About what we can accomplish this coming year?

We think 2021 will be remembered for many years as an historic turning point in Washington’s move toward a clean economy future. Passage of the Climate Commitment Act (CCA) was no small feat

As David Roberts noted in his Volts blog, “this bill comes at the tail end of a long record of failure on carbon pricing in Washington, including two citizen-led ballot initiatives, one based on economists’ recommendations and one based on the environmental left’s recommendations, both of which were defeated. There’s a lot of history here”.

Together with the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, the HEAL Act, the Clean Vehicles Program and other measures, the keystone CCA puts our state in the clean economy lead

Earth Day pioneer Denis Hayes:Finally, we have a bill that addresses climate change and reduces air pollution while enjoying support from much of the state’s business community, organized labor, environmental groups, tribes, social justice organizations, farmers, and religious leaders. 

Washington state Senator Reuven Carlyle:Passage of historic climate action reflects the best of our state’s public policy resolve, entrepreneurial spirit & thought leadership. We’re the home of 21st century climate action. All of these policies are deeply integrated for a 21st century economy, with good jobs, a strong economy and a low carbon footprint.

Roberts goes on to sayEvery success has many parents, and this one is no different, but special credit goes to Representative Joe Fitzgibbon in the House and Senator Reuven Carlyle in the Senate, who by all accounts (and I mean all accounts — one or both were praised by everyone I contacted, even some bill opponents) were central to coalition-building around these bills and improving them as they moved through the process.”

We’ll count ourselves, with you, as parents of the CCA. We feel really good about the part we played in bringing together a broad coalition of supporters, and sharing strong economic analyses and policy recommendations with leaders in Olympia. 

Clean & Prosperous Washington founder David Giuliani:In my years as an entrepreneurial CEO, I’ve seen teams rise to deliver breathtaking peak performance. We applaud all those who rose to produce the Climate Commitment Act, which will lead Washington and perhaps America to a cleaner and more prosperous future.

Clean & Prosperous Outreach Director Sarah Severn:I’ve been working on corporate climate change initiatives and climate policy for almost two decades, enduring many heartbreaks and highlights along the way. The passage of this bill was a clear result of perseverance, collaboration, and open hearts and minds. It was truly remarkable and set a model for others to emulate.”

Clean & Prosperous Policy Analyst Kevin Tempest:To finally reach a point of implementing cutting edge climate policy is inspirational, and a testament to a remarkable group of resilient and determined people. I am proud that many of our GHG Explorer Model and Building Back Better report findings are reflected in this program. Washington has raised the bar significantly, making this native Washingtonian grateful.

Clean & Prosperous Research Associate Zac Pinard:Passing the CCA, spearheaded by CaPWA and joined by so many other advocates from all over the state really was a sort of “restoring my faith in government” moment for me. CaPWA proved to me that systemic change is possible with the right people working on the right policy. I hope Washington serves as an inspiration for the rest of the country as it has served as an inspiration for me.

Clean & Prosperous Government Affairs Specialist Isaac Kastama:At the start of the year, most were betting against the Climate Commitment Act. The process embraced the complexity of the problem and eventually earned the support of a coalition of progressives and moderates. We saw companies engage constructively and some acts of courage from communities guided by research. In 2022, there is unfinished legislative business, including passing a transportation package. It will be a sprint for the department to implement this law on time and with quality. That’s why the work of Clean & Prosperous Washington to bring in expertise and facilitate thoughtful policy discussion continues to be so important. From defending the law’s integrity, developing novel solutions for industry, and maximizing the benefits from investments, the work ahead is vital and ambitious.”

In the new year we move from advocacy to action, as we support implementing the CCA with excellence, making it a model for other states to follow. We’ll begin with our Climate Priorities 2022 webinar on Friday, January 7th – a preview of 2022 activity in Olympia, as well as an insider’s review of recent activity in Glasgow — featuring Washington State Senator Reuven Carlyle, and Mary Grady, Executive Director of the American Carbon Registry.

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