WA’s Transportation Electrification Strategy

October 10, 2023

The State of Washington recently released a draft strategy for electrifying Washington’s transportation sector. 

On-road vehicles account for 58% of transportation sector greenhouse gas emissions in our state, generating over 23 million metric tons of carbon. To meet our 2030 climate targets, the report calculates that we need to reduce the vehicle use of gasoline and diesel by 56% over the next six years.

How do we do that?

The draft report’s number one recommendation is to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles, by:

  1. Lowering upfront electric vehicle costs
  2. Making EV charging easy and accessible
  3. Providing helpful information to consumers and fleet managers 

We are leading initiatives on all three fronts:

  1. Lowering upfront electric vehicle costs


Our Strategy for the Urgent Reduction of Greenhouse gas Emissions calls for a dramatic expansion of EV purchase incentives including a sales tax holiday on the purchase of any zero-emission vehicle in the state over the next two years. Already 150,000 Washington residents and businesses are driving electric, for the equivalent of $1.50 per gallon. Let’s help more residents and businesses get there with a ZEV sales tax holiday.

  1. Making EV charging easy and accessible

Charging Forward Together

Later this week, Clean & Prosperous Institute will announce a new partnership program, designed to help property owners access grant funding for the installation of charging stations at multifamily sites, public fast-charging locations and at workplaces or fleet depots.

  1. Providing helpful information to consumers and fleet managers 

Breaking Barriers Collaborative

The Fleet Decarbonization Accelerator program from the Breaking Barriers Collaborative is helping fleet managers craft action plans, find funding, and create operational efficiencies. Applications for a limited number of spots in the next session are open now.

The Washington State Standard writes, “When it comes to meeting Washington’s ambitious electric vehicle goals, bolder cash incentives and charging outlets in thousands more locations are needed now.” And that’s what we see in the draft strategy. 

Join us in taking action to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles.

  1. The public comment period for the state’s Draft Transportation Electrification Strategy is open until October 30th, and the EV Coordinating Council will have a public hearing tomorrow – Wednesday 10/11 at 2pm, televised on TVW. Let the state know that you support a SURGE in purchase incentives through a sales tax holiday for all zero-emission vehicles for the next two years.
  2. Stay tuned for an announcement of the Charging Forward Together program from the Clean & Prosperous Institute.
  3. Click HERE to learn more about the Fleet Decarbonization Accelerator from the Breaking Barriers Collaborative. 

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