Webinar: Navigating the Inflation Reduction Act

September 30, 2022


And that’s just the Inflation Reduction Act. Clean energy funds are also available from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act and many other federal and state programs.

How can Washington businesses and communities leverage available financial incentives to fund innovation research, commercialization and scale-up?

More specifically, how can your organization navigate the opportunities of grants, subsidies, loans, and incentives offered within the Inflation Reduction Act, the Infrastructure bill, and the various state programs?

What incentives are available?

How do the federal incentives work with state funding?

What should I do now?

Join us online, on Zoom, on Wednesday, October 19 from 12-1 pm PT to learn from the experts:

Christine Rolfes, Senator, Washington State Legislature

Senator Rolfes represents the 23rd Legislative District and serves as Chair of the Ways and Means Committee. In addition, Senator Rolfes is the Senate’s chief budget writer and negotiator, and helped shepherd passage of historic investments in clean energy through the state operating budget.

Sam Ricketts, Co-Founder, Evergreen Action

Sam Ricketts is a co-founder and co-director for Evergreen Action, a group of former Inslee for America staffers leading the fight to put bold climate action at the top of America’s agenda. Since its founding in 2020, Evergreen Action has played a pivotal role in the development of national climate policy, with major influence shaping and advancing President Biden’s climate agenda, including the Inflation Reduction Act. Ricketts is also a nonresident senior fellow at the Center for American Progress.

Hilary Moffett, Vice President, Fortescue Future Industries 

Hilary Moffett is a Vice President of Fortescue Future Industries (FFI). FFI is a global green energy company committed to producing zero-carbon green hydrogen from 100% renewable sources. The company has announced it will evaluate the feasibility of converting the former Centralia, WA coal mine into a green hydrogen production facility.

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