What’s the playbook for winning the future?

The global economy is transitioning to a clean energy future, and as with every change, there will be winners and losers. Washington state is well positioned to be a winner in the new economy. Governor Inslee says, “Washington’s culture of innovation, our skilled workforce and competitive advantage are our greatest assets, and they are the reasons we are a global leader in the clean energy transition.”

Larry Fink, chief executive of BlackRock (the world’s largest asset manager) says, 

We know that climate risk is investment risk. But we also believe the climate transition presents a historic investment opportunity.

A successful transition – one that is just, equitable, and protects people’s livelihoods – will require both technological innovation and planning over decades. And it can only be accomplished with leadership, coordination, and support at every level of government, working in partnership with the private sector to maximize prosperity.

I have great optimism about the future of capitalism and the future health of the economy – not in spite of the energy transition, but because of it.”

SB 5126, the Climate Commitment Act, puts a cap on carbon emissions and raises revenues that are then invested in clean transportation, energy and infrastructure — investments in strengthening Washington’s competitive advantages in this accelerating transition to a clean energy future.

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