Zero-emission trucks are a smart climate investment

February 27, 2023

Clean & Prosperous Washington urges the Washington State Legislature to pass a biennial budget that makes smart, high-impact investments in programs and projects that build a clean, competitive economy. Which projects offer the greatest climate bang for the buck? Let’s start with trucks.

Transportation is the biggest source of carbon pollution in Washington state, and it will be the primary source of revenue available under the Climate Commitment Act to reinvest in a cleaner, more efficient economy.

Medium- and heavy-duty trucks make up less than 5% of vehicles on the road but account for about 24% of transportation emissions, nationally. Trucks tend to drive more miles and burn more fuel per mile, so each truck moved to zero-emissions has a bigger impact on pollution than a personal or light-duty vehicle. So the climate-return-on-investment is significant on a per-vehicle basis.

Investing in zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicles (MHD ZEV) is a smart climate move for our state, to achieve greenhouse gas reduction, improve public health, spur job creation, boost private investments, and lower compliance costs. 

Washington will compete with other states to attract the limited supply of available vehicles – many of which are built right here in Washington. The states that offer the most competitive incentives will likely attract the most vehicles, greatly benefiting regional air quality, supporting our in-state MHD ZEV manufacturing, and delivering a clean energy economy. 

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