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April 15, 2024

Your November ballot will include choices for president, governor, school board, and… clean air?

Who is running against clean air?!

Initiative 2117 would repeal the Climate Commitment Act (CCA) which establishes a Cap-and-Invest program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and funds air quality improvement programs.

Initiative 2117 is spearheaded by Brian Heywood, who has admitted that he doesn’t believe in climate change.

We can’t afford to go backward as local and global temperatures keep soaring.

Join us in opposing I-2117 with your two cents, two dollars or anything you can contribute to protect our air and curtail carbon pollution by saying No to Initiative 2117.

Washington’s Cap-and-Invest Climate Commitment Act, passed in 2021 and implemented in 2023, is a major success, capping emissions and investing critical funds in projects and programs across the state that keep our state clean, healthy, and prosperous. Repealing the CCA would take Washington backward.

Businesses oppose I-2117 because it would remove a market-based tool for climate action, gut state transportation funding, disrupt business operations, and create substantial regulatory uncertainty. 

If passed, the initiative will slow investment in cleaner technologies, energy efficiency, and sustainability, which are critical for Washington’s growth and prosperity. One-third of the $17 billion Move Ahead Washington transportation package and 84% of all state funding for zero-emissions vehicles ($671 million) comes from revenue generated by the CCA. 

From Fast Company

“The Climate Commitment Act not only protects our air and our forests and our waters by capping pollution, it provides the engine for investing in our clean energy transition,” says Michael Mann, executive director of advocacy group Clean & Prosperous Washington.

Mann says the program has already had an impact. It has raised $2 billion from the auctions, and invested in things like 5,000 EV charging stations, six electrified ferries, home energy rebates for heat pumps, dairy digesters for farmers, and 30 fish barrier removal projects. $40 million also went to building a green hydrogen plant and a solar installation on the Yakama tribal community.

It has also spurred high emitters to adapt their processes. BP announced $270 million in investments in their Washington refinery, which could reduce their emissions by 7%. The Environmental Defense Fund said the CCA could prove to be the “gold standard” of state-based climate policies.

We invite you to join us –  a growing coalition of small businesses, major corporations, tribes, labor unions, environmentalists, and community organizations that are dedicated to defeating I-2117 and defending the successful Climate Commitment Act.

Our goal: Protect our air, water, forests, farmland, jobs, and transportation system. 

If you too want to protect Washington’s air, water, forests, farmland, jobs, and transportation system, please:

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This No-vember, those in the know will vote No.

Clean & Prosperous Washington is a project of the Washington Business Alliance.
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