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Clean & Prosperous Washington is a trusted partner for lawmakers and state agencies, advocating for practical solutions to the complex challenges of creating climate policy at the state level. We provide research and data to inform and enhance discussions about climate policy in Olympia. Our commitment is rooted in strong business-focused leadership, bipartisan cooperation, and delivering outcomes that benefit both the environment and the economy. Stay updated and get involved by subscribing to our newsletter for policy insights and opportunities to contribute.

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Over the interim, Clean & Prosperous Washington is participating as a member of the Department of Ecology CCA Fuel Exemption Workgroup.

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It’s time to step up

It’s time to step up

In front of world leaders representing 80% of global carbon emissions, President Biden today declared the intent of the United States to reduce...

On the eve of Earth Day

On the eve of Earth Day

On the eve of Earth Day, a broad coalition of environmental organizations, equity advocates and local employers are renewing their call on the...

Another Big Step for Climate Action

Another Big Step for Climate Action

5 days and Counting  The Climate Commitment Act - SB 5126 - is one step closer to reality as the House Appropriations Committee today passed it,...

Tick Tock. 6 Days and Counting.

On Friday night, the House Environment and Energy Committee passed SB 5126, the Climate Commitment Act, getting the policy one step closer to final...

2 mins 2 protect the 🌎

In just a few weeks, we will be celebrating Earth Day.  What better way to do that than to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Start by joining...

Climate Commitment Act passes Senate

Thanks to the leadership of Senators Reuven Carlyle, Rebecca Saldaña, Steve Hobbs, and others, SB 5126 -- the Climate Commitment Act -- passed in...

Businesses support climate action

Why do so many businesses, large and small, support climate action? To quote the 47 major companies that signed a recent C2ES statement, “Leveraging...

Climate Commitment Act One-Pager

Climate Commitment Act One-Pager

Finally. True climate progress that will create jobs. It’s never been more urgent to cut carbon emissions. With more frequent and devastating...

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